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When the Sun sets on the Knysna Laggoon.........

Thats the time to discover..........

A m a z i n g    C r e a t u r e s

o f    t h e 

K n y s n a     L a g o o n

Night Lagoon Walk

We will show you creatures you have never seen before in your life !


Experience the thrill of walking at night in the Knysna Lagoon by torch light

with knowledgable guide to see once in a lifetime amazing marine creatures


BOOKINGS : +27825589104 /

Must be Low Tide

NO walk when its High Tide, rainning or very Windy

Please check tide table below

Knysna Lagoon Tide Table


R400 per person

Min 4 pax

 We meet at Bollard Bay, Bayswater drive, Leisure Isle, Knysna at 7:30 pm.

GPS :-34.066689 .  23.055700


Amazing creatures marine night walk – Leisure Isle




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The clear waters of the Knysna Estuary around the famous Leisure Isle are home to some 200-sea creatures.

We will show you 5 or more of them if we are lucky that you have never seen before.

Our guide will meet you at the Famous Bollard Bay Beach parking in front of Leisure Isle Lodge on Leisure Isle at 7:30 pm

We are tide and weather dependant and cancellations will be refunded in cash.

Our guide will take you by Spotlight into the shallow crystal clear waters to see, feel, touch, photograph creatures u have never seen; eg. Octopus; cuttlefish, sea horse; pipe fish; mullet, clams, soles, crabs, shrimp, rays, anenimies, moonshine worm, pencil bait, etc etc


Departures : Bollard Bay Beach, GPS : -34.066689, 23.055700


Time: 7:30pm daily

Dress: Windbreaker, shorts, comfortable shoes, sandals, water shoes or tekkies for walking in shallow water, towel, water, camera and a nice LED Flashlight if you have.

Pax : Minimum 2 adults

Cost:  R 350pp

What must you bring?


A windbreaker or warm top

Shoes than can get wet

Towel for afterwards for your feet


Your own light if u want? / we have big LED Spots

Your own refreshments

Recommended Accommodation Close by


Accommodation for 4 available

5 min from Walk


Find us on:

Eco Afrika Tours, PO Box 99, Knysna, South Africa, 6570

Contact t: +27 82 558 9104 (International)    082 558 9104 (Inside South Africa)  ? Fax: 044 3840479