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There is a place, not far from the sparkling Knysna Estuary,

on the Island of Leisure, under the shade of the large Bottle brush,

in a quiet green garden where there is foodies and sanctuary and love for all feathered friends of this world.....

"Egyptian Goose Lodge".

Let us invite you to a Bird Breakfast on the Garden Route of South Africa.

Why should you come ?

"Egyptian Goose Lodge" is an unique opportunity to bird watch while having a superb breakfast, with more than 20 species of birds of the area, also experience the special behaviours and variety of birds that frequent "Egyptian Goose Lodge".

We live for our birds, we raise lost chicks, aid sick birds, feed every day over 100 birds and spend many hours with them.

We have just successfully re introduced our beloved famous Egyptian Goose, Sydney better known as "Shoo Shoo" to the Island people, back to nature after having saved him from a one day old abandoned chick and raised him 2 years.

Sydney and his new found wife and his friends now drop in from time to time to say hello and sample some foodies and fresh water that we leave for them every day next to the pool.

The Breakfast: 9-11am
Pre booking required with minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 10 people.
We serve breakfast under the large Bottle Brush Tree with the feeders, breeding boxes, bird bath, and bird hotel a couple of feet away from your table.
We serve Fried, poached or scrambled eggs with streaky bacon, roasted cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and a beef or pork sausage, with fresh flapjacks, mango preserve and cheese, tea and coffee.

R 450 per person

The Knysna Loerie (now known as the Knysna Touraco)blesses us with its spectacular feather plume in green and red. At Egyptian Goose Lodge you can see the dainty little Waxbills, iridescent Sunbirds, rare Knysna Woodpecker, hear the quaint call of the Black-headed Oriole, the gentle chatter of the 50 bright Yellow weavers, flock of Rock pigeons, Cape turtle doves, James Bond the Burchell's coucall, Kuifie the Forktailed drongo, Cape robin, Cape wagtail, Fiscal shrike, Southern boubou, Cape white-eye, Black sunbird, Lesser and greater double collard sunbird, Redwing starling, European starling, Jan fredrik, cape bulbul, Pied crow, feed the family of 5 Forktailed drongo's with cheese out of your hand, up in the bottle brush the Knysna woodpecker, occasional Hoopoo, buzz of Mousebirds for the fruit delights, and flock of Cape turtle doves.

 Bring your binoculars and bird book, we will arm you with a intensive bird check list. This is only the start............

Carlis and Emil will take you of the best bird walks, hides and secret spots in the area.. ...

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Need Accommodation ?

Take our 2 day Package

We have 2 superb en-suite rooms right next door in Island Lodge.

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